About Me

World champion sleeper-in coffee snob with an uncanny understanding of people and dogs alike. Frustrated creative who daydreams and knits, often concurrently. Suffers from habitual wanderlust and instances of self-doubt, but excels at balance poses, bad metaphors, and lovely turns of phrase. Owner of a well-worn passport who runs ridiculously long distances for various reasons she isn't quite sure even she understands...

That's me on the right. I'm a 30 something native New Jerseyan who took the first opportunity to escape The Garden State for the bright lights of a few cities. After completing a BFA in Communication (graphic) Design at Syracuse University and a Masters degree in Museum Anthropology at Columbia University, I spent two years in Philadelphia designing exhibits at The Philadelphia Zoo. Becoming restless with what I felt was a regional outlook on life and seeking bigger professional opportunities, I shifted focus and returned to New York as an account manager with one of the world's leading strategic branding agencies.

Two years later, after a lot of nagging and pestering, I found myself on a plane with my life packed into 3 suitcases, headed to that company's London office. Three years on I'm still in London, now an account director at a more independent and experimental branding agency, continuing to nurture my passions for creative expression, design, crafts, food, travel, fashion – the things I find "bloody brilliant" in this whole wide world.

That guy on the left? That's The Irishman, my partner in crime and life. He pops up occasionally on this blog in text and pictures, and he says Hi.

Have a question you'd rather not make public? Really want to share something personal? Or just want to say hi? You can reach me here: dazezuli@gmail.com