Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever

I've surfaced from a week of absolute insanity at work (my timesheet recorded 71 hours of work since last Sunday... and a standard work week is 37.5... ouch!) to quelle excitement! The World Cup has begun - my office looks like the a mini version of the United Nations, as colleagues hang their home country flags above their desks!

I sort of love the World Cup. As an American, I hadn't really known about it until my summer abroad in Italy when the entire country shut down for every Italian match. That was 2002, when the US beat Germany unexpectedly to advance to the quarter finals. In 2006, my Dutch friend and I slipped out of the office to watch the Netherlands games in NYC dive bars at odd hours - like 10am - and this year I've downloaded a World Cup app for my iPhone and I will be watching all of the American matches proudly.

I watched Uruguay v France in the pub last night, and I am gearing up for the big mama of games - England v USA at 19:30 GMT tonight. It will be the game to end all games, setting the tone for the rest of the tournament if we can beat England at their favourite sport. Apparently we did it the last time we met 60 years ago. I'll be wearing my Michelle Obama earrings for extra good luck!

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