Monday, July 12, 2010

Home is where your hairdresser is

A while ago, when I met the Irishman's best friend, he asked me what I missed most about New York. I had just booked a haircut with my New York hairdresser Paul for my visit home a few weeks later, and said that he was definitely at the top of the list. The Irishman's friend turned around and made a sage comment about how it meant I hadn't full transitioned to London if I my heart was still with a New York hairdresser.

Well fast forward nearly a year and I still hadn't found someone to replace Paul; for the last few haircuts I've gone from salon to salon seeking out someone I trusted to take care of my very unruly mane. Until last week: I was at the pub having a few too many glasses of rosé where I met my friend Ben's mate Daniel who cuts hair and is amazing. He immediately diagnosed the issue with my constant frizz and gave me a stern talking to about the state of my locks, and told me to come around and see him to get sorted out.

On Friday night, I went round to his salon and for £30 I've got a new lease on my hair. It was funny - usually I seek out trendy salons with edgy stylists and chic interiors, but Daniel's salon is like a neighborhood family business. At any given time, 4 or 5 people who were related to or close friends with Daniel and his business partner Natalie popped round to say hi. They were drinking pints from the pub across the road and were good citizens to take the glasses back after they were done. Someone came in and asked to use the loo and was welcomed with open arms, just as the myriad kids who came round with their parents. It was such a cosy environment that I overlooked the poor hairwashing (a lot of water ended up on my face, rather than my hair), and having to wait 30 minutes to get in the chair.

So am I ready to completely transition from Paul to Daniel? Maybe - maybe not. A lady can't give up her loyalty to her hairdresser so easily, and Daniel and I have only had one date. We'll see if the magic lasts, and if my hair continues to look fabulous. But lets just say, London is feeling a bit more like home lately.


  1. Oh, is there nothing so sacred as the relationship between a girl and her hairdresser? Sigh. I feel your pain! I leave for the UK in less than a month and just got my "last" US haircut (which was very bittersweet). Daniel's place does sound charming though - and very cosy. A lot to be said for that. :)

  2. It is really weird to go to a new hairdresser in a new land. I've found that there are a lot of Aussie stylists that are pretty good, but as you know it's just a feel isn't it! I'll keep you updated. Are you getting excited?

  3. I've told you once, I'll tell you a thousand times. Go to Anthony at Good Old Days on Broadway Market. He will tell you what haircut you're going to get and there's no arguing with him - but you can see the results for yourself on me, SSB, Helen and many other styling East London ladies!

  4. funny you say "unruly" - i went to unruly studio a couple times when i lived here last and was very happy with them! (i have curly hair, not sure what you're working with.) check them out!

  5. Great tip Betsy, thanks! Notting Hill is a bit far for me to go for a hair dresser, but maybe I need to go further afield for a good cut & style. Let's see how Daniel gets on next time!