Thursday, November 17, 2011

What else I've been up to

In the lead up to the marathon, I wasn't drinking and I was staying in most Friday nights and all work and no play made me a very dull girl. So I had to find something to occupy myself when I wasn't running, and I turned to my other favorite sport: knitting.

I found a pattern for a replica of The Dude's sweater from The Big Lebowski on Crafty Crafty, and jokingly sent it on to my little brother who simultaneously worships The Dude while trying to recreate his lifestyle. He also hates when I knit him stuff. So imagine my surprise when he responded saying "MAKE ME THIS FOR CHRISTMAS OR MY BIRTHDAY". 

Cut to me in the midst of knitting my first full-size human garment beyond a scarf, as well as my first fair-isle knitting piece. This is unchartered territory people. The image above (crappy, I know, sorry for the bad lighting) shows the back – I took it to show my mother and get her opinion on some pattern irregularities due to me knitting two colors of yarn together. I've since fixed them as she gave me a tip on avoiding this pesky hole that appears between 2 colors when you create straight line. Anyway.

At this point I've finished the back and half of one of the front panels. I am confident I can get the pieces done before Christmas and when I get home to the US can do the making it up and finishing details. But the nerd has to also supply me with a measurement of his arms as he has seriously the longest arms of any human I know so I need to knit accordingly. The Irishman is grumbling about being a knitting widow but frankly I think he's just jealous as he has also refused me knitting him apparel in the past – maybe this project will be the one that changes his mind.

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