Friday, April 13, 2012

Heading Home

I apologize to all of you for my lack of posting lately; somehow between work, house-hunting, friends visiting and life in general I found myself neglecting Bloody Brilliant. And now I'm going to do it again as I'm writing this on the Gatwick Express train, on my way to catch a flight back to the US.

I posted earlier in the year about how difficult it can be as an expat trying to fit in all of the things going on in your friends lives while far away in relation to my friend's wedding in Florida. Well that wedding is next weekend, and while The Irishman and I decided it was imperative we be there, we also decided to do it as cheaply as possible: flying to the airport closest to the wedding as it was the least expensive flight (but on USAirways - ick - with a stopover and horrible times) and only going for 4 days and missing some of the festivities.

But about three weeks ago I received an email from a relative that I'm not particularly close to saying he was hosting a 65th birthday brunch this coming Sunday and while he knew I was far away he wanted me to know I was invited and would love it if I could be there. And that got me thinking, well, I would LIKE to be there. And I would like to see my family - especially Mom-Mom - as if I do end up by some miracle actually buy a house this year it's unlikely I'll be able to afford to fly home again anytime soon.

So I called up USAirways and changed my outbound flight to today, instead of next Wednesday, for nearly two-thirds the original cost of the ticket. But it's completely worth it to me to have time with my family, on my own, and to fully relax for a week instead of cramming a transatlantic flight and beach wedding into 5 days. Also to luxuriate in the ability to just flick on the tv to watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones without having to stream it or use some diddly technical apparatus. Go ahead, be jealous.

So my train has arrived - this is me - and I'm off with! (with maybe a teensy weensy stop in Duty Free on the way). Speak to you in 10 days - have a fab time while I'm gone.


  1. have a great trip back! the peace of mind is worth the extra cost :)

  2. Thanks guys! I'm home on my sofa, really relaxing. See you in 10 days :)