Sunday, May 13, 2012

A meaty weekened: Street Feast & MEATmarket

Somehow, without realizing it, The Irishman and I had a meaty, streetfood-themed weekend. We started Friday night, post drinks with my colleagues, at Street Feast off Brick Lane. Street Feast is a gathering of all the good and great food trucks that have been rumbling around London lately; we had attempted to go two weeks ago but The Irishman got the dates mixed up and it hadn't started yet. So b the time we got around to attempt 2 we were really up for checking it out. We started our evening with a light appetizer of ribs from The Rib Man with his Holy Fuck Hot Sauce, which made my lips burn for the rest of the evening.

Then we waited patiently for hot dogs from Big Apple Hot Dogs. They were good, red, and nothing like a New York urine dog. Delicious.

If you are organized enough, and taking a group of 6 or more to the Street Feast, you can reserve seating in the Car Wash Dining Room tent and wait staff will go GET YOU FOOD FROM THE STANDS FOR YOU. How indulgent!

One of the things that wasn't so indulgent about the whole set up was that there were absolutely NO trashcans to be found. A few stands had bags themselves but I heard one trader say that whatever trash was left they themselves were responsible for removing, which is a bit of a shame. However the organizers had set up portapotties – a nice, necessary touch.

We wrapped up our eating with margharita slices from Homeslice pizza. I was a bit annoyed because I wanted to try their bone marrow and spring onion pizza (!!!) but it was a 20 minute wait for the next pie to come out of the oven. I was impressed however that they had a portable pizza oven for their pizzas. So cool!

We left soon after the pizza as the queues for beer were unbelievable, and, while still peckish, the other remaining stands seemed to only be different types of burgers and some Asian starter-type dishes. We didn't want more burgers and didn't want to queue for satay sticks, so off we went. We'd definitely go back though which is a good thing as Street Feast takes place every Friday until 20 July.

We woke yesterday still hungry, somehow, and with a friend of The Irishman in tow we headed to Covent Garden to check out MEATmarket. From the chaps behind such deliciously BBQ'd favorites MEATwagon and MEATliquor, MEATmarket is in the Jubilee Market on the south end of Covent Garden. Upstairs, above the touristy tchotchkes, is a fastfood space serving burgers, hotdogs, cheesesteaks, and fries. It was greasy, delicious, more American style than any other burger/fastfood concept I've visited in London. I highly recommend it if you're craving some really great American comfort food. Be warned: limited seating and no booking so this is definitely an on-the-go drop-in spot.


  1. I just saw this in Emerald Street - missed it of course , but glad you got to go.

  2. There's still time.... Street Feast is on every Friday through 20 July! So you have plenty of time to make it.