Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And, it's Fall

Somehow the minute it became September, it became Fall here in London. The air is brisk, the sun is setting earlier and earlier each day, and leaves are turning brown and falling fast. Every morning I wake up to frosty air, and every night I fall asleep with cold toes. It doesn't seem fair, because it's only September 10th and in New York that can be as balmy and summery as June.

The summer here was boring: cloudy, cold, and rainy. We had sun, but not much heat, and I actually missed the sweaty stupor of August in New York. I feel a little bit jipped by the weather, but I can see why Britons love their tropical vacations - it really is a holiday to escape the cloud cover and bask in the sunshine.

I suppose one of the good things about such a prompt fall is that all of the new Autumn/Winter collections are in the stores, and you actually WANT to stop in to try on wool skirts and longsleeved shirts. Boots and dark leather are appealing, rather than stifling. But fashion isn't a convincing enough reason to embrace the impending cold. I hope that fall stays with us for its proper timeframe, because I really don't think I can face Winter arriving prematurely - or even right on time!

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