Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Love My Friends

I love 2pm GMT. Why? Because that is 9am EST, and that is when my peeps show up at work. They sign into messaging programs, and they leave me funny stories like this one. This is from Kat, who recounted a dream she had about me:

Swandive77 14:27
i had a dream about you on saturday!
i got a picture message from you on my cell
and it was like
"london is pretty! look where i am!"
but you didn't know
that DK and i were surprise visiting you
and since you sent us this picture text message
we knew where to find you
so we took the tube
and got to the park where you were at
and you were
a hooters uniform
shiney panty hose
too high white socks
orange tap pants
hooters tank top
and like
slut machine door knocker earrings
and we surprised you!
and then we were like
we need to find somewhere to say
and we stayed in a hostel
in amsterdam
the end

SQUEEEE! Lurve mah peeps!

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