Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Birthday Weekend Ever

Friday was my birthday, and it kickstarted a wonderful weekend of celebrating. I woke up to a sunny gorgeous day that I spent at work but with a break for a nice lunch at the Three Kings (chili bake and a cider!). After work I spent the evening at one of my favorite pubs, The Peasant, and then the Slaughtered Lamb. Saturday morning I woke up hangover-free, and the Irishman and I took the train to Birmingham for a long weekend centered around a day at Crufts – the world's oldest and largest dog show. Monday was a day off of work just to relax, and leisurely make our way back to London.

Even though I wasn't with my old friends on my birthday, I was with my new friends and received a lot of love from people near and far. Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday and made it special - even in the littlest way. I really appreciated it from you all.

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