Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Today is St Patrick's Day, and if it weren't on calendars you wouldn't know it here. Sure there were a few fools wearing ridiculously huge leprechaun hats, but nobody wore green and they sure as hell do not dye beer green. The Irishman announced that he would have one token Guinness today "to prove" he is Irish, but claims that in Ireland the holiday is not really a big deal. It is a federal holiday there so there is no work or school, everyone goes to church and to the pub, and they have a roast dinner. Contrary to popular belief, IRISH PEOPLE DO NOT EAT CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE; the Irishman says if anything, it's lamb on St Patrick's Day. Blasphemy says Kat, and I have to agree.

So no green fountains in Ireland, or here in London, today; London's St Patrick's Day festivities took place last weekend but the Irishman and I were out of town and missed them. All in all, St Patrick's Day was quite a non-event in the part of the world that the spawned the holiday.

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