Friday, February 26, 2010

Aye, hi

Howdy all. Apologies for not reporting in for a while; February has been a whirlwind of activity, from work, friends, visitors, and travelling. As it is, i'm blogging from Dublin. One of the Irishman's mates from uni is getting married tomorrow so we took a day off from work to sit back and relax Irish-style. I'm currently sitting in his parents' kitchen painting my toenails (peeptoed heels for tomorrow).

Back to what I've been up to: nothing good, to be honest. And by good, I mean healthy. Despite a major budgetary review for the month's finances, I spent a lot of February eating and drinking everything. Remember that running resolution? Heh. It was replaced by runny stinky cheeses in Paris and lots of deliciousness in London. My friend Matt was here early in the month as I told you, and we ate all of Borough Market. Then my bestie Kat and her boyfriend visited for a week and the floodgates opened. We ate curries, Thai, Lebanese, and Chinese buns in London, and more foie gras and cheese and wine in Paris than should be legal. When they left, I was sad to see them go but my stomach contracted slightly with a sigh of relief.

But the best part of Kat and DK's visit was the big reveal of a secret I've been keeping since September - DK proposed!!!! I helped him with some ring details long distance via gchat and keeping that secret has been killing me. It was horrible to dance around he topic while we were shopping and chatting during their visit, so when he finally popped the question I was probably more excited than she was initially. But by the time she left, her smile was brighter than the sparkler on her finger.

So with all the love and kisses in the air, my Pisces nature is reveling in the good vibes. I'm looking forward to March as my birthday is next week with some dancing in the plans, and then some serious getting down to business on the running plan. Though I am loving all the eating and drinking and celebrating, my stomach is reflecting it accordingly. Yikes.

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