Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh, Beeeeeb

So, I just got home from yoga (my first class in a while, ouch) and the Irishman is out with workmates for a leaving do. I don't really expect him home any time soon which means the TV IS MINE. Helpfully, the BBC is on my side and one of my favorite girly flicks is on - Serendipity. The movie takes me back to snuggling under blankets with my ladies from college, sighing over Lloyd Dobbler-I mean, John Cusack- and his adorable nerdiness, and the-actor-who-plays-Aidan-in-Sex-and-the-City as a ridiculous new age musician. Of course, being set in New York it reminds me of being a single lady looking for love in the big city and some of the best years of my life. And so, with the BBC announcer's admonishment to "get yourself a glass of something, get yourself some chocos, and get ready for a movie you're going to love - a movie about love", I'm armed with Dairy Milk and red wine and I'm going to get stuck into one of my favorite things: a cheezy romcom. Irishman, don't hurry home xx


  1. Poor JP. I do this to dave all the time. ENJOY.

  2. You have described my perfect evening. Sigh. John Cusack + chocolate + wine = Delicious!