Sunday, September 19, 2010

A recap of the first week of fall

Monday: I bought new tights at M&S - 3 for £8, not bad. I started the habit of throwing my tights out every spring when the weather is firmly warm, so that when it is time to re-embrace covered legs I'm not dredging up holey, pilled, and stretched out hosiery. The plus side is that the feeling of new tights is glorious.

Tuesday: I wore a wool jacket and scarf. Enough said.

Wednesday: It was so dark when my yoga class ended that I needed to put my bike lights on for the ride home.

Thursday: It was so cold that night that I wished for the heavier duvet.

Friday: It is officially no longer rosé season, and I opted for red wine at the pub.

Saturday: I went to Liberty to find that the Christmas shop is now open on the top floor, but the Irishman deemed it too early for us to visit.

Sunday: I switched my wardrobe over, putting summer clothes in storage and welcoming my winter dresses back into rotatio


  1. Sounds almost identical to my reaction... although today's weather is teasing us a bit!

  2. Seriously - I had to dig some of my summer stuff back out since it's a balmy 25°C today. On the first day of Autumn! Sheesh!

  3. I make my mother ship me tights from Target. Hey, I'm a loyal customer, what can I say?

  4. Betsy - you are too cute! Did you love the Target - Liberty collaboration?