Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shareworthy: Anthology magazine

For those of you who fondly remember that lovely home/design/fashion/lifestyle dream mag Blueprint and cried at its demise, I'd like to share what I think might be a worthy replacement:

Anthology is a lovely mag with a lovely blog, full of design inspiration. I haven't seen a full issue yet, as you can't buy them on the newsstand in the UK but they do let those of us living in the UK subscribe at what is what I think a not-too-bad-rate! It seems to be distributed in the US through every design-girl's mecca, Anthropologie.

Anyone seen the mag? Hold it? Taste it? Love it? I've subscribed to the blog and when I'm in the US I'm definitely going to pick up a copy from Anthro and give it a good peruse.


  1. Danielle! (This is Emily) and don't be fooled! I ordered Anthology online and anxiously awaited the first issue arriving in my mailbox. I even tweeted while I was waiting, WTF where is it?! Six weeks later I received it and it is totally an incestuous ad for West Elm, Designsponge and the like! I was sorely disappointed!!!

  2. That being said, along a similar line but truly inspirational is this blog sponsored by Anthro:

    Just pure beauty.

  3. I knew it was you, lurking around as E... and frankly I am so sad to hear this!!! I'm still going to check it out but with a grain of salt. And thanks for the Anthropologist blog suggestion - I've bookmarked it!