Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung and I smell divine

The blogosphere is erupting with posts about the budding trees and flowers and the fact that we've had a week of gorgeous sun, topped off with the temperature reaching 18°C/70°F over the last two days. I decided that meant it was time for me to take my wool winter coat to the dry cleaners, and abandon my winter fragrance, a heavy, sweet, slightly musky scent called Wish by Chopard.

With glee this morning I spritzed my new summer favorite, Prada's Infusion de Tubereuse. It is light, fresh, slightly sweet, and tinged with roses - like modern Victoriana. I probably was a little more liberal with it than I should have been, but cycling to work this morning I could smell it wafting off of me and it reminded me of the lazy hot summer days from last year, my holiday in the south of France, and chilled rosé wine.

I love that perfume and scents hold so many memories, and can completely define a point in time. Changing perfumes with the season is more rewarding than changing your wardrobe from winter to summer clothes, or even to wearing your open-toed sandals for the first time in a season. It's the first true step forward from winter into spring and I am relishing it. I just hope people forgive me for sniffing the inside of my wrist a lot today.

Images courtesy of Fragrantica

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