Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Recap

So it's over... the entire nation (and possibly the world) has a massive hangover from the pomp, circumstance, and Pimms of yesterday. I originally poo-pooed all of the hype but this past week I've been sucked in. I think it was the genuine excitement of English people, rather than the manufactured hoo-ha of the press, as they hung bunting, flags, planned street parties, and reminisced about royal weddings past. People genuinely were worried for the couple that it might rain on their day and I'm sure were pleased that the forecasted thunder and lightning stayed at bay. I think Will and Kate really resonated with everyone because they are modern young people in love, rather than stoic and wooden royals so far out of reach. Their personal openness encouraged people to join in their day as revellers, rather than subjects. It's not just semantics.

But that didn't mean I wanted to be thick in the festivities on processional route. Instead, we jumped on an early train to Salisbury to have a Royal Wedding House Party with friends in Salisbury. By 10am I had champagne in hand infront of BBC1 lapping up both the fizz and the coverage - and I loved every minute. I LOVED THE DRESS - perfect for the occasion, perfect for the location, and absolutely fabulous with the Victorian bustle detail at the back. And both Princes cut fine figures, though I couldn't help coming up with cheeky comments every time Harry leaned in to tell Wills something; if I'm not mistaken, he was TOTALLY chatting up Kate's sister Pippa coming out of the church. Mwah!

Once the initial coverage ended, after the two kisses (so cute) and after about 5 hours of drinking and TV watching, we headed out to a pub and then the backyard for celebrating in the sunshine. We ended our day with fireworks and sparkers, and trouped back to London on a 9:30 train. It was as we left it - empty, but with a frisson of excitement in the air as the nation and its guests sleepily smiled at the sweetness of it all.

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  1. That sounds so fun. Salisbury is lovely. I can only wonder what I would have done if we were in the UK. Watching on TV, it made me quite "homesick" for the UK