Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Dublin

Just a quick post to let you all know I've arrived in Dublin and am safely tucked up in The Irishman's family home, about to pass out. I would have posted earlier, but I got a bit tied up at work this week - in Switzerland!

I found out Wednesday that I had to make an impromptu client meeting in Zurich today, which meant flying out Thursday night and doing 8 hours of client work today before flying to Dublin. And as there were no direct flights from Zurich to the Dub, it also meant a high intensity, stressful, anxiety-laden cab ride from London City Airport to Stansted Airport so I could make my Ryanair flight. Luckily the gods were all with me: we landed early at City, immigration moved quickly, there was relatively zero traffic getting out of London, and Stansted was virtually deserted - I walked straight up to the Ryanair desk for my passport check, no queues!

As you can imagine, I'm absolutely knackered, so there will be more updates tomorrow. Our marathon adventure kicks in tomorrow with a trip to pick up our race numbers and to Ireland's version of Waitrose / Wegmans for carb-loading supplies. Eeps! Better rest up!!


  1. Run it girl!!! Good luck to you and The Irishman.

  2. Thanks lady. I'm trying to stay calm, but each hour that goes by I get bit more anxious. Not long now, so trying just to enjoy the build up and prep. Your support is so helpful though, so thank you!!! Xx