Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race Pack Pickup

After sleeping until 11:30 today, The Irishman and I fetched our race packs at the RDS Center, which was also hosting the Over 50s Show and The Ideal Homes Show. So after €6 to park, we entered the hall to find the smell of pasta in the air and lots of eager/nervous runners milling around browsing Power Bars.

After picking up our gear, we drove down to Superquinns and got lots of food. Here's our eating plan:

- Breakfast: porridge, OJ, coffee
- Lunch: sandwiches at M&S
- Dinner: Thai-style chicken with chilies over brown rice with steam veggies

- Breakfast: porridge, OJ, coffee
- Lunch: sandwich out somewhere, depending on what we are up to (possibly going to Avoca Cafe!)
- Dinner: whole wheat pasta with a tomato, bacon, onion (amatriciana) sauce

Race Day:
- Toast, OJ, bananas

And of course, hydrating - constantly.

Wouldn't you know that I woke up with a sore throat this morning so I picked up some cold medicine as well and am embracing serious resting. I'm lying on the sofa, watching Ghostbusters. I may also have eaten a donut. Oops.

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