Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's get practical, practical.

So, guys, I have some news: we found a house that we sort of love.

< cue squeeing >

During the viewing yesterday, I sent The Irishman a text that read "It's perfect". We left the property, walked down the street and just looked at each other knowing we'd seen exactly what we were looking for.

< cue squeeing >

But these are just the beginning, fragile stages of this love affair. It's very very new, and there are so many things to consider, steps to undertake, and at any moment the whole thing could collapse (not the house of course!). So I need to get practical with all of you readers.

I'm learning that buying a house is a really sensitive process. I am experiencing untold financial transparency with The Irishman, both of our families, a mortgage broker, and a mortgage company. So many possibilities need to be considered, so many conversations need to be had, so many pros and cons to be weighed, and we're being as open as possible with everyone we know. But at the end of the day it is a Big Decision that The Irishman and I will be making together – and alone.

So I need to put up some boundaries on this here blog, to protect our relationship and sanity at this very exciting yet stressful time. I promise to give you a few exposé-type posts when (if!) we ever do actually complete a purchase and buy our house. But until then, I'll continue to update you on our search, let you know how things are going, but I can't give you the gory details. I'm pretty open on this blog, both about my identity and life, but the Internet is wide and purchasing property is risky and I just can't take too many risks with this type of decision. I hope you'll understand and respect this, and continue to follow our progress on the blog and Twitter. I'll try to give you as much as I can, stay as positive as I can, and still make the posts interesting and exciting. Please don't hate me when you see a few "Goddammit-I-really-wanted-that-house-and-we-just-got-gazumped-and-I-can't-stand-this-city!!!!" posts.

Phew, that's over with. Sorry for the formality, peeps.

Now, about this house. In short: 3 beds, in need of DIY, lovely old woman living there and needs to downsize, nice garden, and close to Stoke Newington Church Street. In short, perfect. I am on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow 9am to call the estate agent to schedule another viewing, as we want to check on a few details before considering making an offer. We're not sure it's "The One" but it's as close as I think we'll come to it. So one more look, and then we have to – literally – put our money where our mouths are.

< cue terror! >


  1. eeeeeee that is SO EXCITING! secret away - as long as you tell us all when you can!

  2. Don't worry, Betsy. Once we have keys in hand, this blog is going to become a mini-Apartment Therapy. You've been warned! x

  3. As someone who went through the same process a year or so ago you have my full sympathy - it's nerve-wracking! But good luck with your hunt and your dream house. (PS I don't think there's such a thing as 'The One' in house-hunting terms, just somewhere that you can imagine yourself living and find that in London is a major achievement!)

  4. Hey Accidental Londoner, thanks for the support. It would be great to read about your househunt and how you found the whole "making an offer and subsequent rejection / sale falling through" experience. Let me know if you've posted about it previously or if you are writing one soon... Thanks again! xx

    1. Hi Danielle, was going to email you a few things which might be useful but couldn't find an address so here are a couple of things (possibly a little light-hearted) but am happy to elaborate on the less fun things if you'd like to hear about that too; will happily drop you an email if you let me know your address.

      Til then... (although this is more about rental it still holds true for purchasing!)

      And once you're in:

      Good luck! x

  5. Wowzers - this is exciting! I'm obv desperado for more deets, so hurry up, put that offer in - and spill!
    Are we looking at Feb or March for our next catch up? We could hit the Kingsland road for a Vietnamese frenzy......
    Good luck!

  6. Don't worry Kate, you'll get a full debrief. Dinner soon - perhaps end Feb? I'll drop you an email tonight! x