Friday, January 6, 2012

Rolling in the (borrowed) deep


Yesterday, The Irishman and I met with a mortgage broker.

< cue terrified expression >

I was simultaneously terrified and excited, and mostly curious about what the process would be like
and what we would end up with at the end.

Surprisingly, it wasn't so bad. The broker was recommended by a friend, and he was open and engaging and helpful in ways I hadn't expected – he not only told us what we could afford, but gave us tips on buying a house, how to deal with estate agents, and ways to maximize our investment. I left our session feeling more hopeful than not that we can buy a house this year if we find what we want.

And yes – we can afford a house. That was the best part of the session: finding out we can, with our available joint savings, afford a decent mortgage with manageable monthly payments.

I feel really adult about it all and the concept of actually owning property is now somewhat daunting. But The Irishman is gleeful and has created a very complicated spreadsheet of ingoings, outgoings, and plausible purchase situations. This weekend we are going to sit down and do the joint budget and discuss, in frank and open terms, what we each need/want in a house - our must-have, non-negotiables vs dream-house qualities. I expect tears, foot-stamps, and strong coffee.

Through this process, I've come to realize that THIS is what love is: not romantic gestures, not engagement rings or weddings, not fancy dates or snazzy holidays. Planning a joint life and property purchase is the ultimate relationship commitment. 


  1. Danielle, that's amazing! What a big step. Many many congratulations on this adventure :)

  2. Thanks Betsy! Hope you still feel that way after I write a gazillion posts about buying a house. x

  3. Congrats. Buying a home with your partner is by far one of the most exciting things you can do together. I hope the process goes smoothly for you guys. *Fingers crossed!*

  4. Thanks Melizza! If this mornings conversations are any indication, this should be a very interesting process ;) ps I owe you a comment on a few of your posts!