Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We are buying a house

I haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd come back with a bang.

I've thrown off the Irish embargo on not talking about The House because, frankly, I'm bored of holding it in. We're 98.5% there so I'm going to give you and overview and once we are at 100% then I can fill you in on all of the juicy details.

So yes, we are buying a house. It is a house, not a flat nor a maisonette, and it is completely different from all of the houses we'd seen previously – in a good way. It is halfway between Stoke Newington and Dalston, so I don't have decide quite yet whether I'm an organic hippie or a too-cool-for-school hipster.

Our offer was accepted in early May and our mortgage has been approved, so all we're waiting for now is the land searches from Hackney Council. Their computer system has been down since Christmas, so all searches are being conducted by hand with lead times of up to 40 working days. We counted back and are at 35 days as of today since our lawyer initiated the search so literally we could be ready to exchange contracts any day now.

Once we exchange contracts, we can be confident that the house purchase will go through and then I can tell you much more detail about the house itself and our plans for it. We're hoping to move in sometime in early August so we've started mattress and bed shopping, which is proving nearly as hard as finding the house itself.

So yeah! Phew! It's a like a weight off my shoulders to tell all of you the news. I'll probably start blogging about the house purchase now, as well as the bed/mattress buying process I'm currently in the midst of, so if you have any specific questions or want me to write about something in particular, please do let me know in the comments.


  1. Congrats! You're in for so much fun!

  2. Thanks Melizza! I am very excited to get all design-nerdy on it and ramble about color swatches. Stay tuned! x

  3. Congratulations! The stress of the buying process is so worth it. Enjoy the move.

  4. Thanks Kat. I'm not sure I will enjoy the act of moving, but I will enjoy being in the new place! x

  5. Congrats!! I am in the talking stages with my partner about buying, here or in Canada...whatever works. But definitely buying a property. Can't wait for all the details!! You really are straddling the hippie/hipster line. Just stick on the side of hippie and we're cool :p

  6. Thanks Melissa! Good luck with your decision... and don't worry - I dont fall in either hipster or hippie camp! x