Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay

Tonight The Irishman and I are headed to Horse Guards Parade to see Team USA compete in beach volleyball. In honor of our Olympic outing, I figured I would post a recap of our viewing of the Olympic torch relay two weeks ago.

When the Olympic torch relay route was published, we were stoked to learn that it was going to run right past our flat and right by my office – but bummed when we realized that would be during our week's holiday in Ireland. So we decided to see it in our hopefully-new neighborhood, where the house where we are moving to is located, the weekend before we left. I was volunteering at The Children's Republic of Shoreditch that Saturday morning, so The Irishman met me for lunch and we wandered to a stretch of road for a good view and a decent bar near to hand. Cider in hand, we welcomed the torch and ourselves to Hackney.

The police were super friendly, high-fiving and cheering!

It was a bit weird how the sponsors made the most noise for no reason at all...

It was awesome seeing all of the torch bearers being shuttled as part of the procession – this guy took a quick break to grab a kebab!

 Inevitable protester joining in... at least for a good cause.

I'm not sure which one he is, but he's growing on me.

Finally! I wish I knew who our torch bearer was.

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