Saturday, February 7, 2009

How I learned to love breakfast again (ode to the Full English)

I used to be one of those girls who never ate breakfast. Even though my dad makes amazing breakfasts, I went through one of those teenage periods of "if I eat less food I'll get skinny". Well. It might have helped for a few years, but it ended up leaving me in my mid-20s with a messy metabolism and a need for food in the morning.

In New York, the brunch phenomenon involves breakfasty type foods, but since it's eaten at around noon or 1pm, it isn't quite breakfast. It's more like an homage to breakfast.

Cue my move to England and the English love of morning food. Tea, toast, eggs, several kinds of breakfast meats, Brits love to eat in the morning. I suspect it might have something to do with curing the ailments following the previous night's excesses in the pub, but that's okay because it does the job ably.

My personal favorite is the Full English breakfast. It is only full if it includes: an egg (or 2), bacon, sausage, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, and half a grilled tomato - and some toast. It is a huge, greasy, delightful binge. It alone cured my lack of breakfast eating, and now my only problem is trying to only eat a Full English once in a while instead of twice a weekend so that my metabolism can properly handle it.


  1. I, too, loved the full English breakfast for the 10 days or so I was in London. I don't eat meat so missed out on the sausage and ham, but the hotel I stayed at had veggie sausages which was so cool. Plus, there is so much other stuff, I didn't miss it. Never did have black pudding, though.

  2. Do you want me to tell you what black pudding is? I won't if you're offended by animal parts...