Monday, February 23, 2009


Today I ate Weetabix for breakfast. I've heard of this food before, but never tried it; it is synonymous with "healthy gross" on both sides of the Atlantic. But Brits love Weetabix and it was on sale at the grocery store, so I bought a box to try it out.

Now I bought mini-Weetabix, and have been told that this is an inferior type of Weetabix; apparently one only eats the full-size Weetabix and the number you eat is important because only "the hardiest of people" can eat 3. People also claim that the mini ones are sweeter and harder than the big ones, and therefore don't taste as good. I don't know about this.

The best I can do for comparison is shredded wheat - you know how old people like the big ones and the rest of us eat mini-wheats or (even better) frosted mini-wheats? It's like that. Only instead of shredded wheat bundled into little packets, Weetabix is like ground up wheat/grain that has been pressed into a biscuit. When you put milk on it, the whole thing instantaneously becomes mush. British people think this is the best part; I also don't know about this.

I've been told there are several ways to "condiment" the Weetabix: honey, berries, sugar, milk, cream, etc. I'm going to keep experimenting, because it's not BAD but it could be much better. I feel about it like I feel about Marmite: neither positive nor negative, but distinctly like it needs some American ingenuity to make a vast improvement.

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