Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two things that inspired me to write.

As a followup to my last post about finding the impetus to put fingers to keyboard, I felt compelled to tell you about two articles I just read regarding reading, writing, introspection, and life plans.

The first is courtesy of my main information source, The New York Times. Their "Ideas" blog is a pretty reliable column for finding quirky and thought-provoking fodder (it damn well should be for being called "Ideas"), and this post didn't let me down. I am intrigued by the paradoxical suggestion that digital communication is actually improving human skills in writing. And I have hope that I can overcome my simultaneous writer's block and failure to follow-through.

The corollary to my perceived self-faults is my latest personal fad: writing my 5 year plan. I admit, I'm not that close to 30 but it's creeping up with increasing speed. Lately I've been trying to sit down and figure out "what I really want out of life" and frankly it's excruciating. Therefore I've been compounding my lack of follow-through and refusal to write by also refusing to actually think about making big life decisions. (I'm really good at backing myself into theoretical corners, in case you haven't noticed). So I was cheered up immensely by this list, recommended by the same Week in Review columnists who bring you the NY Times Ideas blog, of people who were in completely wrong-for-them careers at 30. Not that I think I'm in the wrong career per se, but more about considering what it is truly makes me tick and prioritizing it in life.

So look - if I can just keep on writing, and get better at it, I might just figure it all out by 30. Like Sylvester Stallone did.

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