Thursday, August 6, 2009

The joy of the English Summer

I can't believe I'm about to post about London being too hot, but there you have it: I may, finally, be fully assimilated.

The last few days in London have been a veritable heat wave. 27-28°C and 90% humidity, the air has been heavy and oppressive. It really feels like August, and it really feels uncomfortable. I don't know why I'm complaining; this is no different from summer weather in New York, and I like the heat. But this time around I feel like I can't move. Biking to work leaves me bathed in sweat, even though the ride is completely downhill, and I can't do a thing unless the air-con is on full blast. I feel like such a wimp for not being able to tough it out NYC-style.

Maybe I'm whinging so much because just last week the BBC reported that the Met Office revised the forecast for the rest of the summer, basically saying that summer was over. The second half of July was cool and rainy, with a few washed out weekends, and everyone thought that was it - summer, done. How very British of it to come back with a vengeance, especially now that the Autumn fashion collections are hitting the stores.

Yesterday was so hot, that, when given the opportunity to organize my company's weekly Time for Tea afternoon snack, I decided the only way to go was to serve iced tea. I made raspberry iced tea and lemon iced tea, and served them with chocolate chip cookies (store-bought, I'm afraid). I was quite proud of my efforts, but more amused by the fact that all of my British colleagues avoided the iced tea. They could not comprehend the idea of serving tea cold, with ice - it was an idea completely foreign to them and absolutely ridiculous. Forget refreshment - why would one drink tea cold?!

I must not be 100% Britishified afterall.

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