Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DC Dispatch

A quick hi from the White House!

We've moved on from the nation's capital to Cincinnati, Ohio, leaving a trail of empty hamburger wrappers and beer cans in our wake. We split five days across Baltimore and DC, visiting my brother and our good friends. We possibly peaked too soon in our anticipation of fried and greasy edible delights because by Saturday I was demanding vegetables. But no matter, we conquered our heartburn and have moved west to the heart-shaped state. More on what we've eaten and seen when I get to a real computer, but until then enjoy all of the Coverage of The Royal Announcement. For the record, the Americans are possibly MORE excited than the Brits - I can't wait to see what the mood is like in London.

Talk soon! xx

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Love the picture. It sounds like you are enjoying well! And yes, it's very much fun here with the royal news. William and Kate are the darlings of the media and their smiling faces are pretty much everywhere. I love it. Enjoy the rest of your adventures!