Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This post should really be titled "The dirty little secret all British women know and don't talk about".

Remember how romantically The Irishman and I joined the local council run gym last weekend, sort of for Valentines Day? Well I went to said gym for the first time on Sunday and attended my first class. I've never really been into exercise classes; I tend to run solo and practice yoga where I can just focus on myself. But when faced with the broad array of classes my membership affords me (Total Body Conditioning! Bootcamp! Interval Training!) I decided to try something new. That something new was the very British-ly- and appropriately named "Legs Bums and Tums." I figured, well, those ARE the problem areas and I was pretty pumped for it.

55 minutes later, I walked out of the room knowing I was in for some serious pain. The teacher continually urged us to IMAGINE YOUR SEXY SELF and if it hurt, LIE TO YOURSELF CUZ YOU'LL BE YOUR SEXY SELF. I was okay until we started mat work and I did 90° leg lifts in reps of 16. I also realized in that class that I lack any sort of coordination; clearly I've made it to 30 without really internalizing my left from my right. I'd like to apologize to anyone that I bumped into or kicked during leg lifts.

Two days later, I'm hobbling more than running and lowering myself into chairs like an old lady. I have full upper body function, and my legs are fine from the knee down - it's just everything in between. If I drop something (especially on the street) it's a major setback, and last night when I got home from work I cried in frustration. The funny thing is, as I painfully hobbled through the office yesterday, all of the women I talked to KNEW ABOUT THE CLASS. They were all like "Oh, yeah, LBT is a killer." Thanks, ladies, thanks for the heads up. Who knew?

Day 2 of the pain; I'm going to a client meeting today - I don't know HOW I'll manage heels! I have more flexibility though so hopefully I can retrieve the deodorant that fell behind the dresser with less difficulty than I anticipate. But all that aside: I'm totally going back next week. If it hurts this bad, it MUST be doing something good.

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