Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Sunday roundup: Old lady turning Japanese with ZUMBA

I have a lot to write about today, but it's all sort of unrelated and piecemeal so this post is just going to roll along. Hopefully you'll stick with it!

Last night I met up with some old friends I haven't seen in ages - we realized last night it had been a year! We met at Soho House, as one of us is a member (I can most assuredly guarantee you that it is NOT me!), and we had a lovely time catching up and reminiscing. Except: at some point during the evening, probably when we tried in vain to find an area to sit where we wouldn't be in the middle of a dance floor and could actually hear each other, I realized I am just not into the bar scene anymore. Give me a pub, with a crackling fire and dull murmuring crowd, or a coffeeshop with lively chatter, or even a cocktail bar with quiet booths for private conversation, but these raging bars where patrons are there to see and be seen are just not my scene. I had a great time with everyone last night but I think next time I'll vote to meet in a more sedate location - as befits my ancientness.

As tomorrow is Valentine's Day, The Irishman and I are celebrating today (after the Ireland-France rugby game, of course). At first The Irishman told me he was going to cook me a romantic meal; then he changed his mind because, as he put it, that's pretty much every day in our household (this is true). So he suggested we do something culinary, together. Thus, today is SUSHIFEST. Neither of us has ever made sushi before, but we love it, and we discovered that The Japan Centre sells everything you need to make your own Japanese food - sushi, curries, bento boxes - you name it, they have it! So yesterday we went to the store and bought all of our necessities including a box of black sesame pannacotta mix. I had black sesame pannacotta at one of the best sushi restaurants I've ever been to in London, Yoshino, off of Piccadilly. It is one of the most unusual and delicious flavors I've ever tasted, so I was thrilled to find the mix for us to replicate it at home. Only problem? The box has zero English on it, and only 2 diagrams. It's the Japanese cooking version of putting together IKEA furniture. Eeeps! So far they look pretty good, and I'll report how it goes.

We took a little stroll this morning up to Highbury Fields, as The Irishman wanted to check out the Aquaterra Health Centre council-run gym located there. Twenty minutes later, somehow we both signed up for memberships. WTF? I don't know how that happened. But bargain... £10 joining fee and £40 a month including all classes and 8 sessions with a personal trainer during the first two months of joining! I'm actually quite pleased about this, because I've been thinking that the running and healthy eating have definitely made a difference but I want to now work on sculpting some problem areas like my upper thighs, saddlebags, butt, and lower stomach (you know, every girl's stereotypical "problem areas"). So essentially, The Irishman got me a gym membership for Valentine's Day. Humph. At least I got ZUMBA.

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