Friday, August 15, 2008

Cockney Rhyming Slang

I have no explanation for this shit. I don't understand it, it's crazy, and Brits just accept it and use it as if it's normal to rhyme words with other words that have no related meaning and use that new word to stand for what they wanted to say. GOT THAT? The apparent origins of Cockney slang were shysters trying to confuse police in the pub, and talk about their scams in code, but their wordplay has entered British lexicon and it's completely incomprehensible to foreigners.

Try to understand it, if you can, by reading this.


  1. I love the list in wikipedia but if you are trying to keep a low profile I don't think calling breasts "bristols" will get you very far.

    bristols = Bristol Cities = titties = breasts

    Somehow bristols sounds more sleazy than titties, no?

    This one is amazing:

    Seppo = septic tank = Yank (i.e. an American)

    I may have to call my new album that.

    Presumably J. Arthur = J. Arthur Rank = bank/wank ( masturbation) assumes that you know who J. Arthur Rank is as well as the rhyme?