Saturday, August 23, 2008


The weekend before my vacation, I did some sightseeing in the far eastern side of London - in Greenwich. Greenwich is home to the Naval College, the Greenwich Mean, and the Cutty Sark warship (which is currently under renovation). It was the first weekend of really lovely hot weather here in London, so you can see in my pictures here all of the pale Londoners who scurried out to sit in the sun and bake in the rare rays.

Greenwich is really cute, although there isn't much to do beyond the touristy stuff like standing on the Greenwich mean. It's a great place to take the 'rents when they visit (Mom, we can go if you like) but the park is really pleasant as well, and it was really great to see how far east the city actually stretches.


  1. Look at how long your hair is! mine is about 2 inches behind you. CRAZY JEALOUS! what's in the water there? that grows hair? any luck with fingernails? extra vitamin something?

  2. That was before the haircut, which created an optical illusion to make my hair look even LONGER. I know, it's nuts. As for nails, well... they grow longer faster but are weaker - something about hard water? They break routinely every 4 days.