Thursday, December 23, 2010

Le sigh

So I'm back in my apartment, waiting for the heat to kick in. Why, you may ask, as I was supposed to be halfway across the Irish Sea by now. But I'm sure you can guess - Dublin got EVEN MORE SNOW and closed the airport at 7:00, just as I was about to settle in at the Stansted Wetherspoon. After lugging our stuff all the way to the airport via two trains and dealing with security, we got a phone call from The Irishman's brother saying that the airport closed so they could clear the runways. Ryanair then cancelled all of the remaining Dublin-bound flights and we had a comical few minutes trying to figure out how to get out of the airport - one can't just go back through security! (they have to lead you out a secret passage to baggage claim, in case you were wondering).

So we came home, dejected, and ran through all of the potential possibilities - ferry from Holyhead (after a 5 hour train ride), or flights from Manchester or Liverpool to Belfast. We decided not to wait to see if Ryanair would put on more flights tomorrow from London as apparently there is supposed to be really bad fog in Dublin tomorrow. The Irishman is sitting at his laptop cursing Easyjet as our new flights that were supposed to be £75 per person were hiked to £96 per person at check out.

We're leaving tomorrow first thing for the train station to go to Liverpool and then getting a flight from John Lennon International Airport (the silver lining - what a rockin' airport to go to!) to Belfast where The Irishman's brother will pick us up and drive us home (only apparently a two-hour drive).

SO. Watch this space. I'm now going to crack open my Christmas cookies and try to relax. Hmph.

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