Thursday, December 23, 2010

My first go at Christmas cut-outs

In my family, Christmas cookies are a BIG DEAL. Every year, my mom makes anywhere from 6-10 different types of cookies from bars to balls with everything in-between. It's become somewhat of a ritual for my brother and I to make yearly requests for our favorites.

But the one non-negotiable variety is the Kris Kringle cut-out. My mom is famous for these soft, buttery shaped cookies with a light almond icing. My brother considers himself a cut-out connoisseur and will critique each batch she makes (but always eats them all).

This year, after realising that Irish Christmas dessert is made up solely of boozy fruity cake, I decided it was high time that I learn the craft of the cut-out. With stern admonishments of keeping the family recipe a secret and a few tips, my mom emailed me the recipe and The Irishman and I broke out his mixer to get cracking.

We made the dough on Tuesday night to allow it to chill properly, and started rolling last night.

We used cookie cutters from Mom-Mom, including a rather large angel shape - those cookies will be mine!

The first batch ready to go in the oven!

We had a hard time getting the oven to the right temperature as it is a fan-oven and runs really hot, but in the end we got a respectable crop of deliciousness. The Irishman is working from home today before our departure and going to ice them for me.

So whether it's in Ireland or London, I'm having cookies this Christmas and I can't be happier.


  1. They look awesome! Enjoy and happy holidays!

  2. nom nom! (glad I'm not the only one who thinks that these boozy Christmas puds are a bit rediculous...)

  3. Thanks guys! I definitely have a lot of practicing to do before I can even approach my mom's skills - but no one here is complaining. I am hoping I can convert The Irishman's family from pudding to cookies but I fear it will be a hard sell! xx