Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update: Nail biting!!!

Ok so yesterday I told you all that we may face our first Christmas on our own due to all of the potential flight delays. Well, since my post at noon yesterday it has only gotten worse.

16:00 21 Dec: After nearly a foot of snow falling in Dublin, Dublin Airport was CLOSED until 8am today
22:00 21 Dec: BBC Weather forecasts freezing fog at Stansted Airport for the next few days (!!)
08:00 22 Dec: Dublin Airport reopens with delays and cancellations but Ryanair has cancelled most of its flights from London to Dublin because their aircraft aren't in the right places.

Our flight hasn't taken off for the last 3 nights.


The Irishman and I made cookie dough last night (more on that later) and contingency plans for a festive meal together on Christmas Day if we do get stuck here, but I think we'll both be really disappointed. All we can do though is wait - we have no idea what tomorrow will be like.

Fingers crossed we make it - and that my fingernails stay intact!


  1. Hey Lady!
    If you & your man find yourselves needing plans for Xmas, you're welcome to come join us for the 'big feast.' I'm intentionally staying here this year (in hindsight a good decision...), so we have plenty of food & fun all sorted.
    Give a shout if you want to pop over-otherwise, fingers crossed your flights work out!

  2. Thanks so much, Kristina! That's really sweet of you and Simon. We are looking good for flying out tonight but definitely will let you know! Dx