Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The shortest day of the year

No where else I've lived has the shortest day of the year been so full of portent. It is noon and within three hours it will get dark. But that means that as of tomorrow it will start getting lighter earlier and by the time it's my birthday in March we'll start to see some real progress towards 16 hours of sunlight.

The Irishman and I are facing some serious travel disruptions to our holiday plans. With the issues at Heathrow and Gatwick, we thought we'd escape the madness by flying out of Stansted. But the Met Office is predicting snowfall tonight into tomorrow for north of London and despite Ryanair's dedication to getting their planes up and out of the airports on the dot we may not have much luck. Especially as we're flying out at 8pm and everyone knows delays compound throughout the day.

So we may have to go pick up some sort of meat and have it on the ready, and a few movies on standby, just in case we're here having a cosy Christmas for two. Fingers crossed!

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