Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Irish Rugby Weekend

My latest sojourn in a string of weekends away was back to The Irishman's hometown of Dublin for a weekend of running (natch) and rugby. The new Aviva Stadium opened last year and The Irishman hasn't had a chance to go inside until now. Luckily for him, his dad is a senior member of the IRFU and so walking in the door there isn't exactly difficult for us. So we took advantage of the perk, something we rarely do, and flew over to see his parents and attend a pre-match lunch, the France v Ireland World Cup friendly match, and post-match drinks. You know, as you do. There is something slightly ridiculous about walking into a stadium to watch a sporting event in high heels, but nevermind – it was part of the fun. 

I actually really enjoyed the match, I think possibly because it was a nail biter and you can't really avoid getting swept up in the excitement when a full stadium roars around you. We were pretty close to the pitch and therefore nearly IN the action. I think it's much better when you can see the players' faces from your seat, but The Irishman said he would have preferred to be up higher to see more of the field. Whatever.

At the after match drinks reception, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to my favorite (re: crush) team member who gallantly agreed to a photo with me.

It's a crap picture because the boys were not too keen on actually taking the photo for me, but nonetheless I TOUCHED ROB KEARNEY. Enough said.

Post drinks, we headed into town for dinner and drinks with The Irishman's brother and cousins – with a quick detour to practice our scrums:

And, in addition to all of this excitement, we ran a half marathon route in 2:14:44s. Phew. Note to self: wearing heels for eight hours post run is NOT smart (despite pretty sexy).

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