Friday, April 16, 2010

London's best coffee

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One of my blog mates has been blogging about coffee lately and I share her opinion that coffee in this town is pretty shit. But there are a few gems and I've been compiling them on a Google map for a while now (pretty much since I got here!). So I figured, there's no time like the present to share it with you guys. It's pretty East-centric, as I am, but hopefully it helps all the coffee lovers out there get a quality fix!


  1. Thank you for this list!!!!! Long story short: my boyfriend lives in London, I live in NY, I'm moving to London in August and have been on the hunt every time i visit for good coffee. It's really hard to find!!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Fantastic news about you finally moving over - good luck with everything and let me know if you have any questions, etc. And yes - enjoy the list, it's NECESSARY!