Friday, April 2, 2010

Trading Istanbul for IKEA

So yesterday the Irishman and I were supposed to fly to Istanbul. Feh. I went to work instead and it lashed down torrential buckets of rain. Today is the first day of the 4 day Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and where did I go? IKEA. I thought everyone in the UK would have deserted the island for sunnier, holiday climes, but the Irishman informed me that actually all Bank Holidays in the UK equate to DIY so naturally IKEA was packed. I should have known better - when is it NOT packed?

Anyway, we managed to escape its flat-packed Swedish goodness with only minor damage - we each spent £40 on picture frames and homeware - and exited to find another monsoon. The UK is experiencing a return to winter; Northern Ireland had a flash blizzard on Wednesday, Scotland is under another foot of snow, and the temperature here in London hasn't broken 9ºC all week. The Irishman and I arrived home soggy and frozen, only to fire up the kettle, make a pot of tea, frame some pictures, and then look out the window to find it is now sunny again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ENGLAND. Humph. My only consolation is that we checked the weather for Istanbul this morning, and there is a 25% chance of rain for the entire weekend and the high temperature for the forseeable future is only 14ºC. So I'm not missing much. I guess.

We do have alternative plans, though. Tomorrow morning we will get up early and hop on train to Portsmouth to annoy the Irishman's friend Mike, and while there we'll pop over to the Isle of Wight to visit my friend Alice and have a nice pub lunch. So it could be worse. I could have to do to major DIY and go BACK to IKEA. Shudder.

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