Saturday, April 3, 2010

PS3 Widow

Another acquisition was made last weekend besides Seamus - a PS3. I did not make this purchase, obviously, and I am not the one who is overjoyed by it. The Irishman accepted a new job offer, and to reward himself decided it was time to finally buy the video game machine of his dreams. Now. My video game expertise pretty much ended with Dr Mario and Tetris, and even on my iPhone I only really ever play Bejeweled. I have no idea what the heck he's doing with half the games he got to go along with the set. I don't really see why he is so thrilled to play Tiger Woods golf against his friend in Salisbury, while wearing a Bluetooth headset and talking to him the entire time. I've tried to make a few suggestions about him playing while I'm not around etc etc but I was firmly told that I'm not allowed to boss him around until I move in and start paying rent.

I guess it is somewhat fair, though. In the last 6 weeks about 6 friends of mine have announced they are expecting, and my baby knitting list gets longer by the day. Every time I'm at the Irishman's, I have some sort of knitting project with me, and he started referring to himself as a Knitting Widower. I don't blame him - I get in the zone when I start, and a few of the pieces I'm working on are a bit tedious. But in a way, at least we each have hobbies that keep us from yelling at each other all of the time. It could be so much worse.

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