Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And, it's begun.

We ordered our veg box, and pick it up on Saturday.

I brought all of my excess sweets (a box of Girl Scout cookies - Samoas! - and the leftover chocolate chip cookies from the batch I baked on Sunday) into work to dispense them to the masses.

I ran home from work yesterday, and will run home tonight.

The Irishman procured a digital scale, and we had a weigh-in.

My new yoga mat should arrive this week, and then I'll get back into a class routine.

My friend Betty gave me a Pinguinos and I shoved it in my drawer.

I am hyper-hydrating. Since 9am, I've had 4 pints of water. I'm about to fill up #5.

Oh god. This is really hard. I know its in my best interest, but seriously?

Healthy is boring (at the moment).

This weekend's challenge: make healthy food awesome. And figure out snacks!


  1. I need help sorting out healthy snacks so I look forward to seeing what you find. Here's to a healthier you!

  2. I did Able & Cole when I last lived in London and it was amazing - it really forced me to eat more veggies and to cook more creatively. Good luck!

  3. Healthy snack revolution coming soon... in the meantime, you should check out Ravenous - she's a blogger who loves eating and being healthy. And yes, I'm super pumped about our veg box. We're doing Farm Direct b/c the depot is literally 5 min from our flat and easier than finding a safe place to have them drop off. I'll let you all know how the chefing goes!