Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun holiday craft: champagne cork ornament

Last night while waiting for the stroke of midnight, The Irishman told me of a sweet tradition to keep the cork from your New Years eve champagne bottle. As we were posh last night and had Mo√ęt-Chandon, I said sure, let's! But today, looking at the cork, I realized it resembled a simple angel shape and got crafting. A quick dig around The Irishman's change piles produced a shiny 2010 penny to serve as her halo, and I used a sharp knife to make a grove for it to sit in. I labelled the back with 2010, and I will probably knit some quick wings for it over the weekend. I love the idea of every year making something special with our New Years cork - a fun, easy tradition!

(PS: Sorry for the terrible photo and the fact that my iPhone sent the picture, but not the text!)

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