Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visiting time

Hi bloggerinis!

Lots is going on in Brillville, leaving little time for blog posts but the big news is that a lot of my favorite people are visiting me! I currently have one of them on my sofa sleeping til noon every day (lucky girl) and another will be arriving a week from today for work and staying the weekend. HURRAH!

The only problem is that due to January being The Month of Health, I'm not drinking. My mate and I went to the cocktail bar across the street and I had tea. Green tea. Sigh. But it's paying off... I've lost 8lbs already just by cutting out sugar, bread, alcohol and running on a much more regular basis. I'm back to being able to do 8k without dying and I just feel great: my skin glows again. Le sigh!

So hopefully more exciting news will be forthcoming soon (ie, when I am allowed back in the pub). Stay tuned! xx

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