Sunday, July 20, 2008

Apple iPhone hits London

So, last Friday the Apple iPhone launched. Every hipster/techno-geek lined up for it, as evidenced by this photograph of the O2 store in my neighborhood – I snapped it at 9:05AM on my way to work. I thought I would be in that line, waiting like a fool, but I found myself on July 8th, the day you could start placing order for the phone, still unconvinced. Even though its half the price, and even though it's lighter, has 3G, etc, etc, I'm still not sure it's the best deal. I really want one - having GPS and a Google Maps at your fingertips in a city as big as London would be amazing - but I'm JUST NOT SURE. Plus, here in the UK, you're locked into an 18-month contract for about £35 per month, and I know there are better deals to be had. I'm thinking I might wait even until Christmas to buy one in the States, and have it unlocked. Stay tuned.

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