Sunday, July 20, 2008

I found Les Shoes.

So, after weeks of searching, including miles walked all over London and hundreds of stores perused, I gave up and gave in and purchased shoes to go with Le Dress. From a shop next door to my house. Yes, I know.

I'd see these shoes all summer and thought they might be a good fit, but on a whim today I took Le Dress with me and tried them on. They fit perfectly and, since they're a wedge, I can walk for miles in them. They were the last pair and on the third price reduction, so I just took them.

I spent more on them than I wanted, and am a bit peeved that they're shopworn (and that the shopgirls wouldn't give me anymore ££ off for that reason), but I'm content that I found shoes for Le Dress and can now spend the next 2 weeks getting excited for my trip, rather than scurrying around hating everyone in my way while I tracked down an elusive £25 pair of perfect heels.

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