Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sistering from Across the Atlantic

Those of you who know me know there is a DZ 1 (me) and a DZ 2 (my brother). The numbers mean nothing beyond birth order. I came first, and three years later my brother wrecked the monopoly I had on the pantry.

When asked to describe DZ 2, I usually say we are really similar, nearly the same person, only exact opposites. If you can figure out that wordplay, you've got a pretty accurate picture.

DZ 1 and DZ 2 are pretty close, but I am reminded of how we got to be even closer when I went to college. The same thing is happening now. Even though we don't talk on the phone, we email more and I am being asked a lot more questions than I did when I was in New York. Rather than absence making the heart grow fonder, it's more like, absence makes the sister look smarter.

It's harder, however, to be a good, supportive role model with a 5 hour time difference and lack of real-time communication. I hope it will get easier with Skype and such, but I'm not betting on it. I am, however, looking much more forward to seeing the brat at Christmas time; somehow, I feel like his annoyingness will be much more charming after not seeing him for eight months than it would had I still be stateside.

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