Sunday, April 12, 2009


The family was in London all of last week and departed on an afternoon flight on Easter Sunday, leaving me with about half of a holiday weekend to recover from their visit. Easter is a big deal here, bigger than in the US, and we had a four-day weekend to prove it. Stores have had Easter candy (and Creme eggs!) since the end of February, and hot cross buns have been all over the bakeries and grocery stores.

I got in trouble because I didn't realize it was customary here to exchange Easter eggs; I thought all of the candy in the stores was just for kids and people like me (big kids). So the Irishman presented me with a Cadbury chocolate egg in a box, and I didn't have one for him! Oops.

To celebrate Easter, after I apologized for not purchasing him an egg, the Irishman and I met our friend Rose for an amazing Easter roast at the best pub ever The Albion. The Irishman and I had a beef shoulder, and Rose opted for pork belly, and we shared 3 lovely fattening desserts and a bottle of wine.

After rolling home and onto the couch, promising myself a food detox, I realized that I still had one more day off from work and celebrated that fact with a very delicious nap on the couch. Happy Easter!

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