Monday, April 27, 2009

Stoke Newington

On Saturday, the Irishman and I took a mini-trip up to the village of Stoke Newington. The area is slightly north of my neighborhood of Angel, and has a history of counter-culture and subversive activity. True to form, while we were there we saw a protest for Kurdish rebel fighters!

The village is really cute, with lots of little shops, eateries, and a conveniently located Whole Foods. They even had an organic farmers market in a schoolyard. The Irishman was pleased to see a small pub called the Auld Shillelagh on the High Street, while I was excited for some very delicious smelling bakeries. I took lots of lovely photographs of the sites, including Abney Park Cemetary - an overgrown Victorian cemetary.

I'm in the process of figuring out my living situation, with a lease about to expire, and was really in the Stoke to check it out for a potential new neighborhood. But with only a few bus routes and a rail link, it's not the best for convenience. So as much as I liked my first impression of Stoke Newington, I think it's best to save it for a few years when I will want to really just be an old lady and start composting.

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