Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fuller's Brewery Tour

So after Edinburgh, my parents traveled on to York and I returned to London. They reached my fair city on Tuesday, and almost immediately upon entering the city I whisked them away to Chiswick to the Fuller's Brewery for a tour.

The brewery is pretty easy to get to from the tube, and we set off on a warm spring day. The family really lucked out with the weather - everything was in bloom and they loved seeing everyone out and about on the streets (unlike when it is raining). The brewery tour was quite extensive, and long at 1 hr 45 minutes. It costs £10 per person, and is worth every pence. We were taken through each stage of the brewing process by a veteran employee who answered all of our questions and obliged us by posing for photographs. We learned a lot of history about the area and the brewing process, and DK will be pleased to know I finally know what makes cask ale just so special.

The tour ended with a tasting, of course - 6 different ales plus a special edition ale they bottle once a year. I staggered out quite happy and with a renewed appreciation for my usual pint of London Pride.

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