Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mom, I hope you're sitting: I voluntarily purchased an ironing board

I may have mentioned this previously, but the previous tenants sold Ashley and I a large number of household goods for an obscenely low price. Amongst the plates, silverware, pots and pans, is an iron - a halfway decent iron. So in the spirit of self-improvement and a realization that I should probably grow up one of these days, I purchased the cheapest ironing board IKEA had so that I can iron my clothes.

Now. I've ironed before. I have a few dresses that look better pressed. I always iron the collars on my work shirts. Inevitably the sashes on a few of my sundresses get wrinkly in the wash and need to be smoothed out. But I am about to embark on my biggest ironing challenge yet. I've been informed by several parties that Les Sheets, being 100% luxury organic Egyptian cotton, will need to ironed before I put them back on my bed.


Seeing as they were washed today, it looks like I have several hours of domestic duty on my hands tomorrow.

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