Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week 4: A blur

Well! I can't believe I'm sitting here writing this again - it feels like I wrote last week's "Week in Review" just yesterday. It was a short week this week - we had Monday off here, for Bank Holiday, and work was pretty intense Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday I spent in Amsterdam with my client on a whirlwind, one-day trip for sixteen hours, and then all of a sudden it was the weekend again. It was kind of like being back in New York - getting to work early, working late, running, repeat. I'm grateful for the uptick in work, because at least I have something to keep me occupied until I move into my apartment on June 18.

Speaking of June 18, I spent this weekend doing a lot of recon for my new home. After sleeping in on Saturday and doing my run, I headed into town and saw Sex in the City the Movie with Ashley in my new neighborhood (review to come). After the movie, we ate at a nice Indian place half a block from our new place and checked out a few pubs in the 'hood. Angel Islington is a pretty happening neighborhood, and there is no shortage of good restaurants and pubs to help us do some damage.

Sunday, after sleeping on Ashley's host's couch (as per usual), Ashley and I ventured east to Spitalfield's market and the Columbia Road flower market. Spitalfield's was disappointing, because we were looking for vegetables to cook with, but the Columbia Road flower market was great. Lots of flower sellers yelling about 2 lavender plants for a fiver and selling flats of impatiens for £1. The shops along Columbia Road were also fun - lots of good antique and design-y houseware places. Ashley and I did a lot of window-shopping and planning for our apartment's decor - planters with red geraniums for our balcony, herbs for our kitchen, and cool things to put on our walls and shelves.

Since we didn't get vegetables ("veg") from farmers, we had to go to the next-best-place - Sainsburys. Note to self: do not do a big shopping trip on Sunday, because so is everyone else in Angel Islington. After about 25 minutes in line, Ashley and I went back to her flat and cooked traditional Sunday roast. Who knew it took 20 min per pound to cook a chicken... and that said chicken was weighed in kilograms. Despite that little hiccup, the chicken came out awesome and the sides (the "veg") were good too. Another note to self: when roasting fennel, set timer, and do not forget that the fennel is in the oven while your friend cracks you up at the dinner table and you allow the fennel to burn to a crisp. Sigh.

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